There is a sense of loss and isolation in the Western Evangelical Church today.  It is our desire to combat that sense of loss and isolation by ministering, through God's grace, to every need of the human condition.  We long to see God create a church that worships together, plays together and prays together as a neighborhood church that seeks to see the Kingdom of God expanded in our local community.  

 Our largest ministry is and has been supporting the community through Oakwood Christian School since 1992. Oakwood Christian School is a Bible centered school. Our focus is to help parents train up a child in the way he/she should go, according to Proverbs 22:6, to love, respect, and obey the Triune God, to honor their parents and learn the Commandments of God, along with their academics.

We also make a point to:

1.  Meet regularly for covered dish dinners.

2.  Serve our community in organized acts of mercy and service.

3.  Gather for men's and women's fellowship groups.

4.  Minister to the saints of Oakwood Bible Church by providing a place for burial.

5.  Minister through true Biblical hospitality to those in need of healing through the laying on of hands and the annointing of oil.